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Technical information

Fabric: 60% cotton, 38% polyester fibres, 2% silver yarn (metalized)

Filling: 100% siliconized polyester fibres

Sizes: 140x200cm, 200x200cm, 200x260cm

Care instructions:

Real quilt for nice dreams



SILVERLINE is made in three thicknesses: for winter, spring and summer seasons.

Anti-stress programme

Antistatic effect and health impact

Who hasn’t experienced an electric shock by touching a metal object? This type of shock is known as a phenomenon called “static electricity”.

By wearing clothes made of synthetic materials, static electricity is accumulated in the human body and retained for 24 hours.

Various studies have shown that static electricity has direct impact on human health, increases sensitivity to allergies and affects the quality of sleep.

SILVER LINE, in contact with the human body, assumes the role of a capacitor and entirely discharges the static electricity from it in a very short period of time.

  • Reduces sensitivity to allergies
  • Improves the quality of sleep

Antibacterial effect

The practical testing of SILVER LINE has shown that the concentration of bacteria on the human body is significantly reduced over a short period of time, and within 24 hours it subsides to zero.


SILVER LINE exhibits excellent thermoregulation properties, i.e. it improves temperature regulation under the quilt.